We suggest to the lovers of trekking and hiking many beautiful routes and paths chosen and signalized by the Cai(Italian Alpine Club ), across the forests and the Mounts of Calvana. Most of them start nearly the property area.

Around here there are also a lots of amazing tracks for bike and mountain bike riding.

In the City of Prato you can find every kind of entertainment, for example:

  1. -Shops, Restaurants, Bars, Locals and Pubs, in the Old city center of Prato(1,5 Km)

  2. -Tennis Courts (1,5 Km)

  3. -Fitness Gym (1,7 Km)

  4. -Swimming pool (5 Km)

  5. -Shopping  Center and Cinemas "Parco Prato" (6 Km)

  6. -Golf Le Pavoniere (7 Km)

  7. -Shopping Center and Cinemas "I Gigli " (7 Km)

  8. -Fishing in the River Bisenzio (18 Km)

  9. -Outlet Shopping Center of Barberino del Mugello (20 Km)

  10. -Lake Fishing in the near Bilancino (Barberino) Lake (25 Km)

  11. -Official International Track for Motorbike of Mugello (30 Km)

  12. -Thermals Baths and Spa in Monsummano Terme and Montecatini Terme (35 Km)

  13. -Winter, Abetone and Fiumalbo famous Skying District (75 Km)

  14. -Summer, Abetone and Fiumalbo beautiful mountain district for Trekking,Hiking and mountain biking (75 Km)

  15. -Summer, we are affiliate with the Beach Establishment Resort(with swimming pool) and Restaurant "Pinocchio" in Viareggio (85 Km) (Contact us for more informations or bookings)


    About Prato Area


    Prato is the second city in Tuscany, the third in Central Italy (after Rome and Florence) as regards number of inhabitants. Prato and its province are ideal destinations for tourists, especially young people looking for a vacation of study and intelligent entertainment. The tourist offer includes art, nature, and the history of textiles; a history still vitally alive today, around which Prato has grown up, on which it has built its prosperity and developed the values of welcoming accommodation and comparison between different cultures. The province has highly diversified territory that offers historical/artistic attractions of great interest following an itinerary that starts with the Etruscans, passes through the Middle Ages and arrives at the Avant-garde. Visitors are often surprised to find that a province known the world over as one of the most important textile producers also safeguards a wealth of priceless treasures, where the tradition of good food and ancient memories melds dynamically with everything that is new, modern and youthful.

    Don't miss to visit the old city center of Prato within Castello dell' Imperatore and Piazza delle Carceri, Piazza del Comune and his New Museum of art, Piazza Mercatale, Il Duomo and Piazza San Francesco.

    Then around the city:

    The new Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts Museo Pecci and Museum of Textile.

    At last we suggest in September the  Festival of Prato with fun and shows for many days and in Spring time the European Market.

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Fun and Entertainment

Visit our “fabulous” City Guide of Prato: