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About the City

Prato it’s an interesting city awaiting to be discovered. With his traditional and simply style, it offers a direct contact and a real experience to the visitors, not only related to the touristic aspects.
Due to his quieter way of life than the near Florence, Prato gives a more comfortable and more relaxing holiday to the visitors.
At the same time Prato has a lots of attractions and places to discover.

The old center and his pedestrian area are rich beautiful clothes boutiques, shops, restaurants, groceries, pubs, bar (etc.).
Also the nightlife in the city is really crisp and full of young people. Several are the locals and the entertainments in the downtown.

In Prato you can also visit many interesting museums and attractions such as:
- Castle of the Emperor
- Piazza e Palzzo del Comune (Town Hall)
- S. Maria delle Carceri Church
- The Cathedral of S. Stefano, Piazza del Duomo
- Luigi Pecci Museum of Contemporary Art
- Museum of Textiles
- Museum of Palazzo Pretorio, Art Gallery

During all the year there are many important events in Prato area and in the cities around it:

- Settembre Pratese Medieval festival (September)
- Pistoia Blues music festival (July)
- Lucca Summer Festival (July-August)
- Mugello Moto Gp Grand Prix (April-May)
- Pitti Immagine (Juni-July)
- Viareggio’s Carnival (February)
- Christmas Markets (December)

The nearest supermarket (Pam), is only 5 minutes away by car from the house.
In the area of the house you have also 2 of the finest and most famous restaurants of Prato, Logli Restaurant (in Filettolt) and Trattoria La Fontana (near the entrance gate).
Both offer the best traditional cooking in Tuscanian style. There you can taste the real Bistecca and may traditional dishes.
In these places, take away on demand is available.

Around Us:

By car

Many others destinations in the tuscan country are not far away from the house. In fact with proximally one hour of trip, are situated:


Florence (15 Km), Pistoia (20 Km), Montecatini Terme (35 Km), Lucca (65 Km), San Gimignano (70 Km), Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi, Tirrenia and the " Versilian Riviera" (85 Km), Pisa, Livorno (Ferries) (85 Km), Siena and Le Chianti (85 Km), Volterra (90 Km), Arezzo (95 Km), Bologna (105 Km), Abetone and Fiumalbo (75 Km), La Spezia and 5 Terre (130 Km), Pienza and Cortona (135 Km), Perugia and Assisi (160 Km).


By train

There are many trains from Prato main Station to Florence, and others cities.To Florence anytime it is possible to find trains 7 days a week, from early in the morning till midnight.

Behind Prato's main station there is a useful free car parking.

By plane

Prato is near Florence Airport(12Km), Pisa(85Km) and Bologna(90Km). These airports are well connected with Prato. In fact, you can find many connections like buses, Trains, Taxis and Car rental

Itinerary from Prato Est Autostrada A-11:

1. After the toll booth take right at the fork, entering in Viale Leonardo da Vinci (signals Vernio/Vaiano)
2. Go straight on Viale Leonardo da Vinci for 600 Mt ca, then turn right at the first cross road, on Viale Della Repubblica.(Pecci Museum on your right)
3. Stay on Viale Della Repubblica for 1 Km ca, crossing 1 Circle, 1 Traffic Light then 1 Circle.
4. At the end of Viale Della Repubblica pass over the river Bisenzio. then through 1 small Circle and under the Railway Bridge(Ponte Petrino)
5. After the Rail Bridge (Ponte Petrino), take the left on the big Circle to Via Borgovalsugana( The second exit of the big circle)
6. Continue straight ahead on Via Borgovalsugana for 1.2Km ca, crossing 1 Circle, 1 Traffic Light and another Circle.
7. After the second traffic light go straight, crossing a small circle (Bar Miraglia on your right), another Traffic Light and a Big Circle.
8. Passed the big circle the main road. makes a turn on the right.
9. Then, before the rail bridge and river bridge(on your left), you turn right at the small circle.
10. After 150 Mt ca from previous turn, you'll find a Square with an Obelisk in his center. There, turn left on Via del Palco.
11. Continue straight the street for 700 Mt ca and keep right when you'll find a fork( With a big Building on the center of the fork)
12. Follow the road until the end, and at the fork (with over the railway) take the right on the uphill street, Via di Canneto.
13. Follow straight and climb on Via di Canneto for 500Mt ca, until you reach Trattoria La Fontana, on your Left.
14. So when you have reached Trattoria la Fontana, you just need to continue following the street for 200 Mt, making at first 1 turn on the left, then 1 turn on the right, until you'll find a huge grey gate on your right and you'll be arrived.
(Door Phone Benassai A.)
Pass the gate and continue the private street through the property , until the House.

Don't Worry, is easier to do than to explain ;)

Geo Positions:

Trattoria La Fontana
Via di Canneto, 3, 59100 Prato PO, Italia
43° 53' 51.58'' N
11° 6' 45.90''

Entrance Gate
Via di Canneto, 59100 Prato PO, Italia
43° 53' 58.70'' N
11° 6' 55.01'' E